In-Clinic Abortion

In-clinic abortion or surgical abortions at A Capital Women's Health abortion clinic in Richmond, VA

In-Clinic Abortion (procedural abortion)

Up to 16 weeks from first day of last menstrual period (LMP)

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A Capital Women’s Health Clinic in Richmond, Virginia is a private abortion office dedicated to the health care of women. Our organization has specialized in providing caring, safe, and confidential abortion services since 1982.

Before the Procedure

Abortions up to 16 weeks gestation are performed using the vacuum aspiration procedure.

  • Upon arrival you’ll need to show your driver’s license or government issued identification.
  • Fee will be collected. Fee includes: lab tests, contraception counseling, ultrasound, and the procedure.
  • Complete your paperwork.
  • We will type a patient’s blood at no charge for those patients who are unaware of their blood type.
  • Patients that have a negative blood type must be given a shot if over 8 weeks. If you have negative blood, please notify the staff when you make your appointment.
  • We will administer an ultrasound to determine the exact length of your pregnancy.
  • In the lab, we will check your iron level, RH factor, temperature and blood pressure.
  • Personnel will discuss the procedure, risks, post-op instructions, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Discuss birth control options at this time.

In-clinic Procedure

  • You’ll be given an anti-inflammatory medication and a mild relaxer before the procedure. Please speak with phone personnel in advance, if you have any questions about the medication options.
  • Local medication is provided during the procedure to numb the cervix.
  • You will be awake and aware during the procedure.
  • 5 minute outpatient procedure involves the insertion of a small suction tube into the cervix to remove the contents of the uterus.


Following your in-clinic abortion abortion, you will be resting in a closely monitored and comfortable recovery room under the supervision of the nursing staff.

Before being discharged, you will be given a prescription and post-operative instructions. Patients are encouraged to rest a while before leaving our center. There’s no rush.


  • You can resume normal activities the day after your abortion, but be careful with strenuous exercise.
  • All prescribed medicines must be taken as directed.
  • Any unusual symptoms such as excessive bleeding, severe cramping, or a temperature over 100.4 degrees F should be reported to our center.

Follow-up Care

You are welcome to return our center for a follow-up examination about 3 weeks after your procedure or visit your personal physician for follow-up care.

Learn more about what you can expect on the day of your procedure.


~ patient comments ~

Patient comment 3 - A Capital Women's Health abortion clinic in Richmond, VA

Less Stressful

I was extremely impressed with the staff, doctors, and the overall cleanliness of the facility! The whole experience was less stressful than expected.” – Google review

Patient comment - A Capital Women's Health Organization abortion pill and medical abortion.

Amazing staff!

They were all extremely professional, personable, and kept me calm through the entire process. It’s very clean and comfortable place.” – former patient

Patient Comment 2 - A Capital Women's Health abortion clinic in Richmond, VA

No Judgment

Great place. Genuinely care about women. Safe environment. No judgment. Kind staff. Variety of health services. Reliable health care the way it should be!” – Google review

Patient comment 5 - ACWH specializes in the Abortion Pill also known as a medication abortion or a non-surgical abortion up to 11 weeks and Surgical abortions (in-clinic) up to 16 weeks.

Nice clean office

Staff and doctors made me feel very comfortable. I’ve been to other offices in the area, this one is the best by far!!!” – former patient

Patient comment - A Capital Women's Health abortion clinic in Richmond, VA

Right to make a choice

People should have the right to make a choice. Thank y’all for all you do.” – Google review

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