In-Clinic Abortion (procedural abortion) is available up to 14 weeks

A Capital Women’s Health Clinic in Richmond, Virginia is a private abortion office dedicated to the health care of women. Our organization has specialized in providing caring, safe, and confidential abortion services since 1982.

Abortions up to 14 weeks gestation are performed using the vacuum aspiration procedure. This five minute outpatient procedure involves the insertion of a small suction tube into the cervix to remove the contents of the uterus. Medications are given to help ensure the comfort of the patient.

Your visit includes lab tests, counseling on contraception, ultrasound, the abortion procedure and recovery. This procedure can be completed without an overnight stay.

Patients that have a negative blood type must be given a shot called Rhogam if over 8 weeks. If you have negative blood, please notify the staff when you make your appointment. We will type a patient’s blood at no charge for those patients who are unaware of their blood type.

What to expect for an in-clinic abortion up to 14 Weeks

  1. Local medication is provided during the procedure to numb the cervix.
  2. The patient is given an anti-inflammatory medication and a mild relaxer before the procedure. Please speak to a phone counselor in advance if you have any questions about the medication options.
  3. The patient will be awake and aware during this procedure.
  4. When you arrive to the clinic for your abortion, we will request your driver’s license or government issued identification.
  5. The fee for your service will be collected as soon as you arrive for your appointment and you will be given your paperwork.
  6. After check in, you will have an ultrasound to determine the exact length of your pregnancy. This may be done vaginally or abdominally.
  7. After your length of pregnancy has been determined, you will go to lab where we will check your iron level, your RH factor, temperature and blood pressure.
  8. A counselor will then make sure you understand the procedure process, risks, aftercare, and answer any questions you have. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your birth control options with the provider.
  9. You will then receive your medication and abortion procedure in-clinic from the provider, and later rest in the recovery room.

Every patient will be given her antibiotic in the office on the day of her abortion, and will receive instructions for post-op pain medication.

See our Abortion Fees for current prices.