Pill Abortion

RU486 medical abortions by pill are available. If you are considering this option, here are a few things you should know about the pill:

-you must be under 10 weeks pregnant as established by ultrasound/sonar.

-the pill is 93-98% effective. 2-7% of women will have to have the surgery after taking the pill toe end their pregnancy. If you are unwilling to have the surgical abortion, you should not choose the pill option.

-the pill is a multi-day process. The first visit consists of the abortion work up.  The second visit to the clinic you will be seen by the doctor and receive your abortion medication. Over the next two days you will be at home taking medication to cause your uterus to contract.

-we expect the abortion to occur in the two days after leaving the clinic, but sometimes the abortion can be delayed and can occur unexpectedly in the two weeks after your first clinic visit.

-you must return to the clinic two weeks after your first visit to make sure you are not still pregnant. This is established by an ultrasound here in the clinic. There is no charge for this visit.

-you must be able to handle the possibility of heavy bleeding, clotting and cramping during the two week time period after your first visit to the clinic.

Call one of our phone counselors if you are considering this option, and we will be happy to answer any further questions and help you determine if this option is best for you.